As in the previous article we went over the concept of how the data is being transferred between server and client, along with the concept of status codes, used for acknowledging the requests and corresponding responses. If you haven’t read that, I would recommend to read the previous article, as this continues from where it left.
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So, What is an API ?
Definition -: API stands for application programming interface. …

HTTP Concept
HTTP Concept

Everyone uses the Internet on a daily basis whether it is for checking emails, watching YouTube videos, uploading images and status on social media, or visiting a website on the browser.

But have you ever wondered what happens at the backend when entering the website URL and hit enter??

Let me walk you through, when you enter a URL in a browser and hit enter, the browser automatically generates an HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) request and send it to the server on which the required website is stored. Then the server returns an HTTP Response which is read by the…

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