• Sidhved Warik

    Sidhved Warik

  • Dhruv Mehta

    Dhruv Mehta

    Android Lead GDSC | Techquisitive | Android Developer | Game Developer | Open Source Contributor

  • Shekhar Sharma

    Shekhar Sharma

  • Janhvisingh


    An enthusiast who relishes sharing thoughts on technology!

  • Abhishek Srivastava

    Abhishek Srivastava

    Google DSC LEAD | Microsoft Student Partner | Web developer | Technical Writer | Competitive coder| Open Source Contributor | TheProgrammedEnthusiast |

  • Radhika Iyer

    Radhika Iyer

    “We are walking each other home.” — Ram Dass https://riyer.medium.com/membership

  • ASHISH JOSE 20BCE10286

    ASHISH JOSE 20BCE10286

  • Neel Modi

    Neel Modi

    Blockchain enthusiast with entry level Golang and Python skills.

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